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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why was Clifton Davis at the event where Dondré Green told his story?
A.He was the emcee of the event.
B.He had been Dondré's teacher.
C.He was the entertainment for the event.
D.He had been one of Dondré's coaches.

2.At first, why did Clifton's mother say he could not go on the class trip to Washington, D.C.?
A.She knew blacks were not allowed into certain museums.
B.They did not have the money for the trip.
C.She knew there was always trouble with blacks taking trains.
D.She knew that the hotels there were whites only.

3.What did Clifton suspect was the problem when one of the chaperones asked to see him?
A.He had a feeling it had something to do with his being the only black on the trip.
B.He knew it had something to do with his being the only black at the hotel.
C.He thought that he would be in trouble for dropping a water balloon directly on a lady outside.
D.He thought he was in trouble for being too rowdy on the bus.

4.How did Dondré's golf teammates react when faced with deciding whether to play or forfeit the tournament?
A.They hesitated but then decided to stick by Dondré's.
B.The seniors decided to leave, but the younger ones stayed.
C.The seniors and the younger ones all decided to stick by Dondré's.
D.They all played the game anyway and paid no attention to the country club owner.

5.Instead of going to the amusement park, what did Clifton and his friends end up doing?
A.They went to see the monuments lit up at night.
B.They were able to have a tour of the White House.
C.They went to an amusement park that was not in Maryland.
D.They went to a baseball game.

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