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When you think about the word hero who comes to mind? Is it a boy with x-ray vision and super-human strength? Is it a woman who saves people from vampires? Superheroes make great entertainment, but did you know that real heroes live normal lives without the help of super powers? Who are these heroes? They might be your neighbor who is a firefighter, or a teacher who helps kids learn to read. How about the doctors and nurses who save people’s lives? Community volunteers give their time and talents to help people without getting paid. All of these people are heroes. A hero isn’t just someone with unusual powers or strength. Heroes make sacrifices to help someone else. Do you know a hero? Have you ever been a hero?

Destination Title

Breaking Down the Walls (

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Click on the link above. Read the text on the home page, and then click on the green box on the left side of the screen that says “Hero Power.” Read the text about “Hero Power.” Next pick three heroes at the bottom of the page to learn about. After you’ve read about each hero, click the “You Can Be A Hero Too” link and read how you can become a hero.

After you have finished reading about heroes, write a haiku poem about each hero you read about. Then write one about yourself. You should complete four haikus in all. Remember, a haiku is a poem that has only three lines. The first and third lines have five syllables, and the second line has seven syllables. Here is an example of a haiku:

The dog ran swiftly
Her two ears flapped in the wind
And she was smiling

1.Write your haiku here:

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