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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Who went in the Cadillac for the first ride that 'lois's father took after bringing the new car home?
A.just Wilma and 'lois
B.three of 'lois's uncles but none of the aunts
C.Mr. Pondexter with Wilma, 'lois, and their mom
D.Wilma, 'lois, three uncles, an aunt, and Mr. Pondexter

2.When did everyone stop laughing about 'lois's mother not wanting to ride in the new Cadillac?
A.when she refused to go on the Sunday afternoon ride with everyone
B.when they saw 'lois's father walk with her mother to the corner café
C.when 'lois father said he was going to drive to Mississippi
D.when one of the neighbors joked about another woman going in the car

3.When her father pulled over to the side of the road to rest, what did 'lois do since she was afraid?
A.She never went to sleep that night.
B.She pulled a knife out of the picnic basket and held on to it.
C.She kept her father awake as long as possible.
D.She hid under the seat of the car.

4.After 'lois's father rested, where did he go with the Cadillac?
A.He headed home and said it wasn't worth the risk.
B.He went to Memphis and stayed with his cousin but decided not to go to Mississippi.
C.He headed straight back to the car dealer to trade the Cadillac for their other car.
D.He went to Memphis to get his cousin's car for the trip South.

5.When the family returned from Mississippi,
A.the father sold the Cadillac.
B.the Cadillac was stolen.
C.the father lost his job.
D.they bought a new house.

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