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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Where were the little boy and his family heading when they set out in the old farm wagon?
A.They were heading to their grandparents' house.
B.They were going to where Pa thought he had an uncle.
C.They were heading out to an area people had told them had better crops.
D.They were going to a farm that Pa's sister and her family owned.

2.What reason did Pa give for not wanting to take Mary along?
A.He didn't want anyone taking care of his girls.
B.They were almost out of food and were out of money.
C.He had known her before and knew she would cause trouble.
D.He needed help, but he didn't want help from a woman.

3.What did Pa tell them to do if they got too hungry while he was gone?
A.He left the rifle and told the boy to go out and kill anything he thought they could eat.
B.He said to find any vegetation that would tide them over until he came back.
C.He told them to eat the horse because it would be better than starving.
D.He said to head out to the nearest homestead and see if anyone had anything for them.

4.Why wouldn't Mary let the others eat the mushroom when she first cooked it?
A.She was too hungry herself to give any of it away.
B.She wanted it to last as long as possible.
C.She wasn't sure if Pa would give her any of the food he was going to bring.
D.She wasn't sure if it was poisonous and didn't want to harm the others.

5.What did Pa do after he returned from the town?
A.He ate the rest of the mushroom.
B.He married Mary.
C.He searched for the horse.
D.He asked Mary to leave.

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