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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.In his "lucky" week, how did Jerry make a quarter?
A.He washed floors for a blind woman.
B.He found some valuable metals and sold them to the "junkman"."
C.His father gave him a quarter since he'd had a good week at work.
D.He did some extra work at home so his parents gave him a quarter.

2.Why was Jerry disappointed when he arrived at Lemire's with his twenty cents?
A.The store had just run out of Ken Maynard cards.
B.Rollie Tremaine had bought the last Ken Maynard card.
C.The store was no longer selling cowboy cards.
D.He didn't have enough money for the Ken Maynard cards.

3.What was one problem the boys had with trying to get Grover Cleveland's card?
A.It wasn't clear if he had been president for a full term, so maybe they didn't need it.
B.He had been president for two separate terms, so they weren't sure if they needed one card or two.
C.It was more expensive than any of the other cards, and none of the boys had that kind of money.
D.There was a time limit on getting the cards to win the glove, and they were almost out of time.

4.Why didn't Jerry end up with the baseball glove?
A.He had used someone else's money to get the last card.
B.He had the Cleveland card first, but Rollie bullied him into giving it to him.
C.He sold the glove so that his brother could buy shoes and flowers for the prom.
D.He felt sorry for Rollie, so he let him be the first one to get the glove.

5.How did Roger react at first when he heard what Jerry had done with the card?
A.He understood why Jerry would do something like that.
B.He thought Jerry was generous, even though he himself wouldn't have done that.
C.He was surprised but thought it was a good move.
D.He thought Jerry was crazy for doing something like that.

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