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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.According to the authors, one of the myths about the history of baseball is that was an outgrowth of an English game.
B.some people were playing stick and ball games before 1839.
C.some soldiers at Valley Forge used to bat balls and run bases. was invented by a single person.

2.The New York Knickerbocker Club established all of the following rules for baseball EXCEPT
A.the game would be nine innings with a nine-man team.
B.the pitcher would stand forty-five feet from home base.
C.the playing field would be a diamond-shaped infield with four bases placed 90 feet apart.
D.three strikes would be an out.

3.When did records first begin mentioning African-American players?
A.several years after the Civil War
B.around 1857 when the National Association of Baseball Players was formed
C.during the Civil War 1845, when the New York Knickerbocker club wrote the rules for "proper play"

4.Which of the following was true about the early involvement of African Americans in baseball?
A.There were more African-American baseball players in the South than in the North.
B.Slave owners involved their slaves in baseball in order to make money.
C.Emancipated slaves and runaways probably learned to play baseball from northern blacks and whites.
D.Whites never played with blacks during or after the Civil War.

5.The main reason people thought the Negro leagues were mostly myth was that
A.they played mostly in secret so no one knew about them.
B.there was little documentation about them.
C.even though they were part of the major leagues, they were ignored.
D.they were not really organized and didn't have championship games.

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