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Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Making a mistake may seem like a bad thing, but you’ll probably learn something new as a result. For example, think about how babies learn to walk. At first, they fall down all the time! Babies learn to walk by making mistakes that cause them to fall down. Little by little, however, babies don’t fall down as often and eventually they are able to walk just fine. It probably took you several tries to learn how to ride your bike. Or maybe you didn’t study hard enough for a test and got a bad grade. But now you know that you need to work harder in order to improve.

Destination Title

The Greatest Mistakes of All Time (

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Click on the link above and read the article by Martha Brockenbrough. Once you are finished, answer the questions below.

1.What was the mistake that resulted in Cinderella losing a glass slipper?

2.What famous beverage was originally intended to be a medicine?

3.How were chocolate chip cookies invented?

4.What was the adhesive on Post-It Notes originally supposed to be used for?

5.How did a church choir play a role in the invention of Post-It Notes?

6.Where did the name “rubber” come from?

7.What was the original use for the substance that became known as Silly Putty?

8.How was the medicine penicillin discovered?

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