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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.How did Edward know about the cave?
A.He found it one day while he was looking for rocks.
B.His sister Selina had told him about it.
C.He had heard about it from someone in the village.
D.He sometimes brought his sheep up there.

2.What did Selina do when she found out there was a dragon there?
A.She told Edward he was crazy and ran away from there.
B.She went with the other children but said she might come back.
C.She told Edward she was going to run home and get their parents.
D.She took the picnic basket and ran away with the other children.

3.Why did the dragon keep on sneezing?
A.He was getting a cold.
B.He was still sneezing from the dust from the earthquake.
C.He had hay fever.
D.He was allergic to humans.

4.What is the theme of the poem that Horace read to Edward?
A.his having no enemies
B.his allergy to ragweed
C.his sadness about the earthquake
D.his love for writing

5.How did Horace try to get out of fighting St. George?
A.He told Edward to arrange something.
B.He asked Selina to make some kind of plan.
C.He told Edward and Selina to go and make peace in the town.
D.He wrote a poem for Selina to bring back to the town.

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