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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.At the beginning of Scene 2, St. George was ready to fight the dragon especially because
A.Horace had insulted St. George.
B.The villagers said Horace had been stealing and killing.
C.He had heard Horace was the only one left of his kind.
D.Horace had frightened the children away.

2.How did Edward react when St. George told Horace that he thought fighting it out was the best solution?
A.He agreed and told Horace it would save a lot of bother.
B.He begged St. George to find another solution.
C.He disagreed and asked if they could just talk it out.
D.He told St. George there was nothing to fight about.

3.What were Edward's and Selina's roles in the fight?
A.They were both Horace's prisoners.
B.Selina was chained to a rock and Edward was Horace's servant.
C.Selina and Edward were helping St. George.
D.Selina was to pretend she had just arrived, and Edward was St. George's squire.

4.When the fighting was going on, why did St. George want to end the fight as soon as possible?
A.The crowd was becoming angry with Horace, and St. George didn't want them against him.
B.Horace was getting tired, and St. George was afraid the dragon would get hurt.
C.The crowd was cheering Horace on, and St. George was afraid the dragon might forget the agreement.
D.St. George thought the crowd was getting bored and that it should end before they got upset.

5.What did Horace do at the end of the fight?
A.He retired to the cave with his poetry.
B.He almost left for the village without his poetry, but then Selina got it for him.
C.He was so excited that he didn't want to bother with poetry anymore.
D.He went back to his cave because he was not feeling well.

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