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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why did the king have Pythias thrown into prison?
A.Pythias had started a fight with some of the king's soldiers.
B.Pythias had tried to break into the king's castle.
C.The king accused Pythias of starting a rebellion among the people.
D.The king accused Pythias of calling him a tyrant.

2.What was the main reason Pythias did not want Damon to take his place so he could say good-bye to his mother and sister?
A.He was afraid he would lose his own courage and not come back.
B.He was afraid his mother and sister would convince him not to come back.
C.He thought it was too risky because something could go wrong even though he planned to come back.
D.He thought the king's soldiers would keep him from coming back so that Damon would have to die.

3.What happened that delayed Pythias's trip back to prison?
A.Pythias was caught by two robbers.
B.Pythias lost track of time and stayed an extra day.
C.Pythias's mother convinced him to stay one more day.
D.Pythias lost his way coming back.

4.How did Pythias get free from the tree?
A.A traveler heard him calling for help and freed him.
B.He was able to free himself after a long time.
C.An animal in the dark woods ate through the rope.
D.Some soldiers saw him and untied him.

5.What did the king decide to do when Pythias was not showing up?
A.He told the jailer to lead both Damon and Pythias to their death.
B.He admired Damon and Pythias so much that he set them both free.
C.He spared both men's life but put them in prison.
D.He set Damon free but had Pythias killed.

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