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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Olivia and Hilda were excited that Helen Menelaus was going to come to their salon because
A.they thought she might be a relative of the king and that would be good for business.
B.they were hoping she would bring Paris with her and they could meet him.
C.they had heard she had beautiful hair and were excited to work on it.
D.they knew she had many daughters and would bring them to the salon too.

2.Why did Goldi Locks want to be a brunette with straight hair?
A.She was tired of having golden-blonde hair.
B.She had heard that curly was not in style anymore.
C.She liked the younger bear and thought he would like dark hair better.
D.There was a warrant out for her arrest and she knew her hair would give her away.

3.What happened while Hilda and Olivia were discussing King Midas's daughter's problem?
A.Cinderella walked in, looking for a hairdresser.
B.The Muffet girl called for consultation on how to wash out curds and whey from her hair.
C.Rapunzel came in looking for a haircut.
D.Alice came in for an appointment.

4.Why did Cinderella want to have her hair done?
A.She was going to a fancy ball.
B.A guy was coming to visit that afternoon.
C.She was tired of having to put it up while she worked.
D.Her fairy godmother had told her to get it cut.

5.What was Briar Rose's problem when she came to the hair salon?
A.Her hairstyle was extremely outdated.
B.She was losing hair quickly and wasn't sure why.
C.Her hair had turned to gold.
D.She was being chased by a rabbit, and her hair was flying all over the place.

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