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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.How was the weather causing some problems, especially for the peasants?
A.It was a mild winter with too much rain, so the fields flooded.
B.It had been colder than usual, so the animals were not able to graze.
C.It had been too dry, so there was going to be a small harvest of winter grain.
D.Many of the animals had died from the cold.

2.What did Aaron realize when he saw the haystack?
A.that they were near a farm so there was probably shelter nearby
B.that there were other animals nearby so there must be a stable where they could find shelter
C.that they were going to be saved since a haystack is always warm
D.that he had really lost his way and would have a hard time finding a road

3.Aaron and Zlateh were able to survive while in the haystack for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
A.haystacks have natural air pockets, making it easy to breathe.
B.the haystack provided food for Zlateh.
C.Zlateh provided milk for Aaron.
D.Zlateh provided warmth for Aaron.

4.What happened when someone in a sleigh came down the road that was near the haystack?
A.The person did not see them, so he passed them up.
B.The person picked up Aaron and Zlateh and brought them home.
C.The person picked up Aaron and Zlateh and brought them to town.
D.The person told Aaron how to get back to his home village.

5.How did Reuven end up being able to pay for what his family needed for Hanukkah?
A.Someone donated food to them, knowing they did not have money.
B.The butcher gave them the money anyway since he knew they needed it.
C.Reuven was able to sell furs since the weather had turned cold.
D.The goat began to give more milk, so they were able to sell it.

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