World of Music Connect Edition
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The World of Music: Connect Edition, 7/e

David Willoughby, Eastern New Mexico University

ISBN: 0078025168
Copyright year: 2012

Table of Contents


PART ONE: Preparation for Listening
Chapter 1. Introducing the World of Music
Chapter 2. The Nature of Music: Vocabulary for Listening and Understanding

PART TWO: Listening to American Music: Folk, Religious, Jazz, and Pop
Chapter 3. Folk Music Traditions
Chapter 4. Religious Music Traditions
Chapter 5. Jazz Styles
Chapter 6. American Popular Music

PART THREE: Listening to World Music
Chapter 7. Music of the Americas
Chapter 8. Music Beyond the Americas

PART FOUR: Listening to Western Classical Music
Chapter 9. Music to 1600
Chapter 10. Music of the Baroque Period (1600-1750)
Chapter 11. Music of the Classic Period (1750-1820)
Chapter 12. Music of the Romantic Period (Nineteenth Century)
Chapter 13. Music of the Twentieth Century
*Chapter 14. Music in the Twenty-First Century--* available online only

Appendix: Classification of Instruments According to Methods of Tone Production

The World of Music, Connect, Seventh edition, book cover

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