The Power of Logic
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The Power of Logic, 5/e

Frances Howard-Snyder, Western Washington University
Daniel Howard-Snyder, Western Washington University
Ryan Wasserman, Western Washington University

ISBN: 0078038197
Copyright year: 2013

Feature Summary

  • Early chapters focus on relatively informal methods. More technical material is introduced gradually, with symbolic logic receiving thorough treatment in Chapters 7 to 9.
  • The writing is concise and lively throughout the text. The chapter on truth tables includes a discussion of the material conditional and its relation to the English “if-then ” and emphasizes abbreviated truth tables.
  • The system of natural deduction for statement logic is entirely standard, consisting of 8 implicational rules, 10 equivalence rules, conditional proof, and reductio ad absurdum.
  • The chapter on inductive logic includes standard material on statistical syllogisms, induction by enumeration, arguments from authority, Mill’s methods, scientifi c reasoning, and arguments from analogy. It also includes an accessible introduction to the probability calculus.
  • The exercises on arguments from analogy require students to evaluate a stated criticism of each argument, which makes the exercises relatively easy to grade.

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