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Critical Thinking
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Logical Fallacies

Multiple Choice Quiz

Select the correct answer to the following multiple-choice questions by circling the appropriate letter.

Identify the fallacy of relevance committed by the following arguments.


The Senator claims that congressional salaries should be raised. He says business executives doing comparable work make much more and that congressional salaries haven't kept pace with inflation. But keep in mind what he does for a living. His self-serving recommendation must be rejected.
A)Begging the Question.
C)Straw Man.
D)Attacking the Motive

How can you tell me I should exercise to lose weight? All you do is sit behind a desk all day. I've never seen you do a lick of exercise.
A)Look Who's Talking (Tu Quoque)
B)Two Wrongs Make a Right
C)Appeal to Pity
D)Bandwagon Argument

I know the Professor said that the Bridges of Madison County was smarmy trash and lacked any artistic worth. But I still think he's wrong. After all, it was on the best-seller list for over 100 weeks.
A)Appeal to Force
B)Red Herring
C)Bandwagon Argument
D)Begging the Question

Mr. Equalminded's idea for implementing affirmative action in the university's admission process is complete folly. He say's he wants the student body to represent diversity in the community. But that's ridiculous. I suppose this means we'll have to throw out our academic standards while were at it. After all, if we're going to let students into our prestigious institution just because of their gender or the color of their skin, then what's going to happen to our reputation?
A)Appeal to Pity
B)Bandwagon Argument
C)Red Herring
D)Straw Man

Look Tom, you could go to the police with your information about our questionable accounting practices here at Bentron. But remember, you have a family to feed. Besides, you know how rumors of this kind of disloyalty can spread through the industry. You'll never work as an accountant in this town again.
A)Appeal to Pity
B)Appeal to Force
C)Bandwagon Argument
D)Straw Man

Capital punishment for repeatedly convicted drug dealers is absolutely justifiable because people who are found guilty of selling drugs again and again should be given the death penalty.
A)Red Herring
B)Appeal to Pity
C)Begging the Question
D)Two Wrongs Make a Right

Whatever happens by chance should be punished, because whatever happens by chance is a departure from law and all departures from law should be punished.
B)Attacking the Motive
C)Two Wrongs Make a Right
D)Straw Man

Hey, I don't see what's wrong with taking a pad of paper or a few computer disks home from the office. I mean, they'll never be missed by anyone. Besides, this company has been underpaying me for years.
A)Look Who's Talking
B)Attacking the Motive
C)Two Wrongs Make a Right
D)Bandwagon Argument

Mr. A. Theist has argued that a moment of silence in public schools would violate the separation of church and state. But have you ever met that jerk. His attacks on religion obviously stem from the fact that he's a narrow minded bigot who never had the inclination to pray for the benefit of anyone else. In fact, just the fact that Mr. Theist opposes the proposal is enough for me to accept it.
A)Look Who's Talking
B)Personal Attack (Ad Hominem)
C)Appeal to Pity

It's ridiculous to talk about more restrictions on handguns. Even if we could pass such a law, there would always be criminals who are willing to break the law.
B)Straw Man
C)Appeal to Force
D)Red Herring