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Contemporary's GED Mathematics
Jerry Howett

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Web Links

The following links will give you some extra practice with data analysis, statistics, and probability.
AAA Math

This site contains many lessons listed under Math Topics. Each lesson starts with an explanation. After reading the instruction for each lesson, click Start to get a problem. Click Reset to get a new problem. For this chapter, focus on the lessons under the topic Statistics.

This site has many banners but lots of useful information. The glossary is well done. You can have answers to worksheets e-mailed to you if you supply your address. For this chapter, focus on the lessons under the following subjects:
Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies

This site has banners advertising airfares, but it also has useful lessons. For this chapter, focus on the following lessons:
Quia Mathematics

This site offers matching games, flashcards, and lists of terms. In the directory select All Activities and By Title to get a complete list of the 48 topics. For this chapter, focus on the topic called Statistic and Graphing Terms.
Regents Exam Prep Center

Some of the material on this site goes beyond the skills on the GED Test, but much is useful. The site includes lessons (L), practice (P), and teacher resources (T). For this chapter, focus on the following lessons in the Measurement and the Uncertainty sections: