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Principles of Multimedia, 2/e

Ranjan Parekh, Professor and Joint Director, Jadavpur University

ISBN: 1259006506
Copyright year: 2013

Multimedia implies the utilization of many varied media like text, audio, graphics, animation and video to convey information. Multimedia also refers to the creation, storage and experience of multimedia content through the use of digital technology. As the information is presented in varied formats, multimedia increases user comprehension levels.

Multimedia finds its applications in very many industries. Education, entertainment, business, engineering, research and many other areas use multimedia to enhance the user experience and ability to grasp and retain information quickly. Interactivity brought about by use of multimedia has heightened the proliferation of education. Multimedia has also heavily influenced the entertainment industry. The special effects in movies stand witness to the reach of multimedia.

The content-organization of the book, Parekh: Principles of Multimedia, reflects the complete span of the principles of multimedia. The building blocks of multimedia are discussed in great detail. Subsequently, topics like multimedia architecture and application development, among others, are also comprehensively covered.

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