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Object Oriented Programming with C++, 6/e


ISBN: 125902993x
Copyright year: 2013

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) has become the preferred programming approach by the software industries, as it offers a powerful way to cope with the complexity of real-world problems. Among the OOP languages today, C++ is by far the most widely used language. Since its creation by Bjarne Stroustrup in early 1980s, C++ has undergone many changes and improvements. The language was standardized in 1998 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) by incorporating not only the new features but also the changes suggested by the user groups. The present edition completely follows the specifications of ANSI/ISO Standards. Besides this, topical inclusions and strengthening of the existing topics along with pedagogical enhancement have been carried out in this edition, based on readers’ suggestions. Corrections to topographical errors and certain inaccuracies in the text have also been incorporated.

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Student’s Center provides Complete code with step-by-step description and user manual for the Payroll management, Hospital Management Systems projects along with projects and newly added projects on Typing Tutor and Telephone Billing System Application, Differences between C and C++, Implementation of Data Structures Concepts using C++, Codes for deleted programs, and Self test questions with their solutions.

The Instructor Center contains Solutions for selected Programming Exercises from the book, Solutions to the Debugging Exercises, Practice tests including questions from C++ proficiency tests.

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