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Rains, Principles of Human Neuropsychology Book Cover
Principles of Human Neuropsychology
G. Dennis Rains, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania


Research Links

Theories of Emotion
Classic theories of emotion.
A brief description of the James-Lange theory. Includes a flow chart.
A very detailed site on William James.
William James' article "What is an emotion?".
A translation of George Carl Lange's "The Mechanism of the Emotions".
William James on the physiological differentiation of emotion.
An exercise related to the facial feedback hypothesis.
A collection of studies on the facial feedback hypothesis.

The Hypothalamus and Emotion
The anatomy of the hypothalamus.
The hypothalamus and its role in the autonomic nervous system.
A great description of the functions of the hypothalamus.
The Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery's entry on stereotactic neurosurgery.
The psychobiological processes of aggression.

The Papez Circuit
A description and flow chart of the Papez circuit.
The anatomical correlates of the Papez circuit.

The Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
Kluver-Bucy symptoms.
A good description of Kluver-Bucy syndrome.

Limbic System
MIT's entry on the limbic system.
A great tutorial on the limbic system.
The limbic system seen as the center of emotions.
An anatomical look at the temporal lobe portion of the limbic system. Includes good diagrams.
The triune brain hypothesis.

Fear Conditioning
A National Institute of Mental Health article on the emotional brain and fear conditioning. Includes some links.
A University of Michigan laboratory's fear conditioning studies.
A good summary of classical conditioning.
Information on Pavlovian conditioning with an exercise related to human fear/pain conditioning.
The role of the amygdala in fear. Includes some excellent links.

Emotional Memory
Dissociative disorders.

Cortex and Emotions
A biography on Kurt Goldstein. Goldstein coined the term catastrophic reaction in reference to the depressed mood following a left-hemisphere lesion.
An article on depression following stroke.
An article on affective prosody and aprosodia.
Charles Darwin's "The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals."
An interesting page on facial expression.
An exercise in selecting facial features to match specific emotions.
An interesting article from ABC News on the right hemisphere's role in humor.
Temporal lobe epilepsy in dogs.
A great article on temporal lobe epilepsy in humans.

A descriptive site on the amygdala, its anatomy, function, and connections.
MIT's entry on the amygdala.
Differential activation of the left and right amygdala during conscious and unconscious presentations of emotional faces.

Other Sites of Interest
MIT's entry on animal emotions.
MIT's entry on human emotions.
Epsychlopedia's entry on emotion.
The National Institute of Mental Health's chapter on emotion and motivation.
Neural substrates of emotion.
Emotion from the evolutionary psychological perspective.
How emotions are studied in psychology.