Look for the Silver Lining
Consider the following list of potentially stressful situations. Try to find something positive—a silver lining—in each of them. The first two are completed to get you started.
Situation Silver Lining
1. Your car just broke down and repairing it is more than you can afford right now.
1. This is the perfect time to begin exercising by walking and using your bicycle.
2. Your boss just yelled at you and threatened to fire you.
2. Either this is a good time to open an honest discussion with your boss about your job situation, OR this is a good time to get a more interesting job.
3. You have two papers due on Monday and there's a great concert you wanted to go to on Saturday night.
4. You just failed an important test.
5. You're flat broke, you have a date to go to a play on Saturday night, and you can't afford the tickets.
6. Your last date went poorly and you think your girlfriend/boyfriend was hinting that it was time to break up.
7. You just found out you missed the due date for your student loan application.
8. You just got cut from a sports team you loved.
9. Your best friend is starting to turn weird and seems not to enjoy being with you as much as before.
10. You just realized you don't really like your academic major, and you're not even sure you like your college much anymore.