Activity 31.2 Materialism Scale

(with permission of U of Chicago Press and Richins)

Read each of the following statements as if it referred to you. Then, please indicate your agreement or disagreement with the statement by registering a number in the blank next to the question. The numbers correspond to the following responses (1 = strongly disagree; 2 = disagree; 3 = donít agree or disagree; 4 = agree; and 5 = strongly agree):

  1. I have all the things I really need to enjoy life.
  2. I usually buy only the things I need.
  3. I admire people who own expensive homes, cars, and clothes.
  4. My life would be better if I owned certain things I don't have.
  5. I try to keep my life simply, as fare as possessions are concerned.
  6. Some of the most important achievements in life include acquiring material possessions.
  7. I wouldn't be any happier if I owned nicer things.
  8. The things I own aren't all that important to me.
  9. I don't place much emphasis on the amount of material objects people own as a sign of success.
  10. I'd be happier if I could afford to buy more things.
  11. I enjoy spending money on things that aren't practical.
  12. The things I own say a lot about how well I am doing in life.
  13. It sometimes bothers me quite a bit that I can't afford to buy all the things that I'd like.
  14. Buying things gives me a lot of pleasure.
  15. I like to own things that impress people.
  16. I like a lot of luxury in my life.
  17. I don't pay much attention to the material objects other people own.
  18. I put less emphasis on material things then most people I know.


Reprinted from Richins and Dawson, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 19, p. 303Ė316. Copyright by the University of Chicago Press. Used with permission.