The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Table of Contents


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PART 1 Foundations

1. Political Thinking: Becoming a responsible Citizen

2. Constitutional Democracy: Promoting Liberty and Self Government

3. Federalism: Forging a nation

4. Civil Liberties: Protecting Individual Rights

5. Equal Rights: Struggling toward Fairness

PART 2 Mass Politics

6. Public Opinion and Political Socialization: Shaping the People's Voice

7. Political Participation: Activating the Popular Will

8. Political Parties, Candidates, and Campaigns: Defining the Voter's Choice

9. Interest Groups: Organizing for Influence

10. The News Media: Communicating Political Images

PART 3 Governing Institutions

11. Congress: Balancing national Goals and Local Interests

12. The Presidency: Leading the Nation

13. The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Government

14. The Federal Judicial System: Applying the Law

Part 4 Public Policy

15. Economic and Environmental Policy: Contributing to Prosperity

16. Welfare and Education Policy: Providing for Personal Security and need

17. Foreign Policy: Protecting the American Way

18. State and Local Politics: Maintaining Our Differences







Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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