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Modern Sociological Theory, 6/e
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Modern Sociological Theory, 6/e

George Ritzer, University of Maryland---College Park
Douglas J. Goodman, University of Puget Sound
Modern Sociological Theory


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Chapter 1: A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Early Years
Chapter 2: A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Later Years
Chapter 3: Structural Functionalism, Neofunctionalism, and Conflict Theory
Chapter 4: Varieties of Neo-Marxian Theory
Chapter 5: Systems Theory
Chapter 6: Symbolic Interactionism
Chapter 7: Ethnomethodology
Chapter 8: Exchange, Network, and Rational Choice Theories
Chapter 9: Contemporary Feminist Theory
Chapter 10: Micro-Macro Integration
Chapter 11: Agency-Structure Integration
Chapter 12: Contemporary Theories of Modernity
Chapter 13: Structuralism, Poststructuralism, and the Emergence of Postmodern Social Theory
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With one of the foremost authorities on sociological theory as lead author, this best-selling text gives readers a comprehensive overview of the major contemporary schools of sociological thought. Beginning with a synopsis of the formative years and concluding with the emergence of postmodern (and even post-post modern) social theory, it integrates key theories with biographical sketches of theorists, placing readings in context and helping students understand the diversity of contemporary theory.

The thoroughly updated sixth edition reflects current debates in sociology and includes new sections on Actor-Network theory, neo-Marxian theories of space, theories of globalization, and more!