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Multiple Choice
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More intelligent people are better able to __________ than less intelligent people, a distinction that is presumably basic to any definition of intelligence. Thus, the term "intelligence" can take on many different meanings.
A)use the resources of their environment
B)write well
C)use a computer
D)shop for the best deal

Early psychologists interested in intelligence assumed that there was a single, general factor for mental ability, which they called
A)fluid intelligence.
B)the performance factor.
C)the g-factor.
D)emotional intelligence.

____________ is the accumulation of information, skills, and strategies that people have learned through experience, and that they can apply in problem-solving situations.
A)Information processing
B)Crystallized intelligence
C)Fluid intelligence
D)General intelligence

Gardner argues that we have at minimum _____ different forms of intelligence, each relatively independent of the others.

Using brain scanning methods, researchers have identified that the brains of people completing intelligence test questions in both verbal and spatial domains show activation in a similar location: the lateral prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain is critical to juggling many pieces of information simultaneously and solving new problems. The findings suggest that there is a global "workspace" in the brain that organizes and coordinates information, helping to transfer material to other parts of the brain. In this view, the functioning of the workspace represents ________.
A)crystallized intelligence
B)logical-mathematical intelligence
C)linguistic intelligence
D)general intelligence

According to Sternberg, people who are high in ____________ are able to learn general norms and principles and apply them appropriately. Consequently, tests of this type of intelligence measure the ability to employ broad principles in solving everyday problems.
A)fluid intelligence
B)interpersonal intelligence
C)practical intelligence
D)general intelligence

Binet devised the first formal intelligence test, which was designed to identify the
A)"dullest" students in the Paris school system in order to provide them with remedial aid.
B)children who had the highest IQs.
C)chronological intelligence of adults as they aged.
D)students who should be accepted by colleges.

Because ___________ require individualized, one-on-one administration, they are relatively difficult and time consuming to administer and score on a large-scale basis.
A)the Stanford-Binet tests
B)the WAIS-III tests
C)the WISC-IV tests
D)all of the above

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