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Materials: Cloth, Paper, and Wood

Concept Quizzes


Cultivation of naturally multicolored cotton in the Andean region of Peru dates back to the Pre-Columbian era. Unfortunately, many of the farmers have abandoned the algodon nativo cultivar and instead plant coca bush for the lucrative cocaine trade.

Devise an economic plan to encourage Andean farmers to cultivate colorful cotton rather than the coca bush.

Growing hemp for fiber is currently illegal in the United States because drug enforcement agencies fear that it would be easy for pot growers to camouflage drug plants.

Do you believe drug enforcement agencies are correct in arguing that lifting the ban on hemp cultivation will make it more difficult to curtail marijuana use?

The rapid destruction of tropical rain forests is a serious biological concern. Although some of the forests are harvested for lumber and firewood, other areas are being cleared for much needed cropland to feed growing populations.

What alternatives are there for agriculture that do not necessitate destruction of the rain forest?

The use of wood pulp for paper is contributing to deforestation and environmental pollution from pulp production. From the environmental viewpoint, there is a major emphasis on using alternative sources of pulp.

What are some of the potential problems that might occur if farmers begin using cropland for the production of a herbaceous source of pulp?