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Psychodynamic Approaches to Personality

Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory

  • Structuring Personality: Id, Ego, and Superego
  • Developing Personality: A Stage Approach
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Evaluating Freud’s Legacy
  • The Neo-Freudian Psychoanalysts

  • Jung’s Collective Unconscious
  • Adler and the Other Neo-Freudians

  • Key concepts for Module 31:

    Define personality and describe the basic structure of personality according to Sigmund Freud.

    Outline the five stages of personality development according to Freud.

    Define and describe the defense mechanisms and their role in psychoanalytic theory.

    Discuss the contribution made by Freud, the criticisms of the psychoanalytic theory of personality, and the contributions made by the neo-Freudians.

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