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Starry Night Pro

Starry Night Pro (version 3.1)
Planetarium Software

Designed for anyone who demands the utmost in realism, richness of detail, and depth of information in astronomy software, Starry Night Pro offers unrivaled desktop planetarium performance. Featuring over 19 million celestial objects, Starry Night Pro provides instantaneous access to our unique 3D implementation of the complete Hipparcos star database; plus the Hubble GSC, NGC/IC, and PGC catalogues; as well as the Messier deep-space objects. You’re limited only by your curiosity.

Navigate your way through 20,000 light years of space with unparalleled speed and smoothness. View an eclipse from planet, its moon, or the sun…simultaneously. Generate dynamic Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams and proper motion vectors, track satellites, and print customized star charts. Control the flow of time, visit the past and future, and freely edit your physical horizon to match local conditions. Employ the powerful expansion capabilities to add databases and CCD images, write plug-ins, and tailor the screen value to match your telescope’s exact eyepieces. Or, expand your viewing options even farther with the included connection plug-in for Meade LX-200 and Autostar telescopes.

  • View from any location on Earth.
  • View from any planet, moon, comet, asteroid, or satellite.
  • View from anywhere within 20,000 light years of the solar system.
  • Automatic on-line database searches for any object via
  • Over 19 million objects.
  • Travel through 200,000 years of time.
  • Animate sky views using fully customizable time steps.
  • Track hundreds of satellites, asteroids, and comets.
  • Complete Hipparcos/Tych star database.
  • Magnify up to 600,00 times.
  • Print advance star charts.
  • Classical illustrations of the constellations.
  • Over 80,000 deep-sky objects with links to the Digitized Sky Survey images of each object on the Internet.
  • Add your won deep-sky photos.
  • Enhanced object information.
  • Equatorial and ecliptic guides.
  • Galactic and alt-az guides.
  • Dynamic Hertzsprung-Ruzzell diagrams.
  • QuickTime® movie tool.
  • Picture-making tool.
  • Zoom-out to 180°.
  • Orbit-Editor – add recently discovered comets or asteroids.
  • Edit your horizon and create multiple scenery sets.
  • Double and variable star markers.
  • Customize your screen and print settings.
  • Field of view indicators.
  • Flip view to mirror image.
  • Control MeadeLX-200 and Autostar telescopes.

  • Starry Night Pro is yours FREE with the purchase of a new textbook!

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