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Which of the following is not a result of gene regulation?
A)Cell differentiation
B)One gene : many proteins
C)DNA methylation
D)Negative control
E)All of the choices result from gene regulation.
In bacteria, transcriptional regulation by ________ proteins is called ________ control.
A)repressor; negative
B)activator; negative
C)repressor; positive
D)small; micro
E)constitutive; feedback
Which of the following contributes to the combinatorial control of eukaryotic gene expression?
A)activator proteins
B)repressor proteins
C)effector molecules
D)DNA methylation
E)All of the choices contribute to combinatorial control in eukaryotes.
True or False: A core promoter is able to produce low level basal transcription by itself.
Which of the following is not an example of genetic regulation?
A)E. coli decreases expression of beta-galactosidase in response to lactose in the growth medium.
B)The cells in a developing fetus synthesize the same proteins in each stage of development.
C)Brain cells produce a different set of proteins than muscle cells.
D)A cell has encountered DNA damage and expresses a set of repair RNA molecules to fix the damage.
E)E. coli produces a polycistronic mRNA molecule from the lac operon in response to the presence of glucose in its surrounding environment.
At which of the following steps do eukaryotes perform genetic regulation? I: Transcription
II: Translation
III: mRNA processing
VI: Protein synthesis
A)i, ii, iii
B)iii, iv
C)ii, iii, iv
D)i, ii, iii, iv
E)ii, iv
At which of the following steps do bacteria most frequently perform genetic regulation?
A)RNA Processing
C)mRNA Processing
D)Protein synthesis
E)Bacteria perform genetic regulation equally at all of the steps listed.
True or False: A single molecule of mRNA that has coding sequences for more than one structural protein is called polycistronic.
Which of the following statements about lactose regulation in E. coli is incorrect?
A)The protein product of the lacY gene allows lactose to be taken up by the cell.
B)The binding of the lac repressor protein to the operator region is dependent on the presence of allolactose.
C)The lac operon is inducible.
D)The lacZ, lacY, lacA and lacI genes comprise the lac operon.
E)The protein product of the lacZ gene coverts lactose to glucose and galactose.
The lac operator region is an example of a ________ and the product of the lacI gene is an example of a ________.
A)cis-acting element; cis-acting element
B)trans-acting element; trans-acting element
C)cis-acting element; trans-acting element
D)trans-acting element; cis-acting element
E)positive control ; negative control
Under which of the following conditions would lac operon expression in E. coli be minimal?
A)High levels of glucose, low levels of lactose
B)Low levels of glucose, high levels of lactose
C)High levels of glucose, high levels of lactose
D)Low levels of glucose, low levels of lactose
E)lac operon expression is never minimized
True or False: Tryptophan acts as an inducer of the trp operon by binding to the trp repressor protein, releasing it from the trp operator.
Repressible operons are typically involved in ________ and inducible operons are typically involved in ________.
A)transcription; translation
B)eukaryotes; prokaryotes
C)prokaryotes; eukaryotes
D)catabolism; anabolism
E)anabolism; catabolism
Which of the following would most likely be found in prokaryotes?
A)Generalized transcription factors
B)TATA box
C)Arrangement of structural genes in an operon
E)All of the choices would equally likely be found in eukaryotes.
Chromatin takes part in gene regulation through
A)closed conformation.
B)open conformation.
C)the location of nucleosomes.
D)closed conformation and open conformation.
E)closed conformation, open conformation, and the location of nucleosomes.
Which of the following statements about the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes is incorrect?
A)Chromatin in the closed conformation is more easily transcribed than chromatin in the open conformation.
B)Acetylated histones do not bind as tightly to DNA as non-acetylated histones.
C)ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes can be recruited to a site of transcription by activator proteins.
D)Steroid hormone receptor molecules often function as transcriptional activators.
E)All of these choices about the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes are correct.
True or False: Alternative splicing is a form of gene regulation that utilizes the same molecule of mRNA to produce different proteins?
True or False: DNA methylation typically enhances the expression of a eukaryotic gene.
Which one of the following statements about alternative splicing is correct?
A)Alternative splicing leads to different protein products with very different functions.
B)Alternative splicing enables an organism to increase the size of its genome without having to increase the size of its proteome.
C)Alternative splicing is common in all eukaryotes, but uncommon in prokaryotes.
D)Alternate forms of a protein are made by different cell types, or at different stages of development, from a single gene in the genome.
E)All of the choices about alternative splicing are correct.
Which of the following statements about RNA interference is incorrect?
A)RNA interference is an example of genetic regulation at the level of transcription.
B)Precursor miRNAs form a hairpin loop and are then hydrolyzed by dicer.
C)MiRNAs associate with cellular proteins and then bind to target sequences in mRNA.
D)In animals, RISC inhibits translation.
E)In plants, RISC targets a mRNA for degradation.

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