Responsible Driving

Chapter 19: Chapter Objectives

Vehicle Readiness

Select the phrase that best completes each sentence below. Write the letter of the answer you have chosen to the left of each statement.

After turning the key in the ignition, power is drawn from the battery directly to the (pg. 400)
B)starter motor.
D)spark plugs.
A child should sit in the back seat until the age of ________, whenever possible. (pg. 410)
A)13 years old
B)5 years old
C)10 years old
D)3 years old
The _______________ moves the power from the engine to the wheels.
A)front wheels.
B)rear wheels.
C)power wheels.
D)power train.
All 50 states require that children up to age four who are riding in an automobile (pg. 409)
A)use a safety-tested and safety-approved child safety seat
B)use at least a lap belt.
C)use a lap and shoulder belt.
D)use at least a booster seat.
Check your vehicle's oil (pg. 396)
A)every time you fill the fuel tank.
B)every second time you fill the fuel tank.
C)once a month.
D)once every three months.
The purpose of the car's exhaust system is to (pg. 399)
A)carry away polluting byproducts.
B)muffle engine noise.
C)ignite the fuel.
D)do both a and b.
A warning sign of steering trouble is (pg. 406)
A)too much play in the steering wheel.
B)vibrations in the steering wheel.
C)a wobbly front end to your vehicle.
D)all of the above.
As the engine is running, the battery is charged by (pg. 401)
A)the alternator, or generator.
B)the distributor.
C)the carburetor.
D)none of the above.
To keep your battery in top condition, (pg. 401)
A)keep the terminals clean.
B)keep battery cables firmly connected.
C)keep the battery fluid level up if you have an older type of battery.
D)do all of the above.
Coolant is circulated throughout the radiator and engine block by (pg. 403)
B)the water pump.
C)the radiator fan.
D)all of the above.
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