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Chapter 15: Relate to Older Adults

Check Your Answers: Section Review Answer Keys

Section 15.1 Concerns of Older Adults

Review Key Concepts
  1. Answers should include two of the following: cost of health care, overmedication, and drug interaction.
  2. Answers may vary but could include: provide company and help for a family member or older adult in your neighborhood, contact Agency on Aging for ways you can help, help at a nursing home or hospital.

Practice Academic Skills

English Language Arts
  1. Answers will vary depending on the issue chosen, but students should identify the causes of the problem and give suggestions for resolving it.
  2. Answers will vary depending on the culture chosen. Reports should organize material appropriately. Reports could provide the basis for a class discussion. Ask students who are willing, to share their findings with the rest of the class.

Section 15.2 The Aging Process

Review Key Concepts
  1. Retirement is new and fresh and most people relax and enjoy their freedom. This can be compared to the honeymoon, when a newly married couple relaxes and enjoys time together.
  2. Answers will vary but could include: control conditions that affect mental functioning such as depression, grief, poor health, or poverty; do puzzles; learn new skills; join clubs; become active in politics; take a part-time job; take a class; or volunteer.

Practice Academic Skills

English Language Arts
  1. Questions will vary but could include: How did you feel about your life during this stage? What activities did you participate in during this stage? What was your favorite stage? Why?
  2. Brochures will vary but should provide basic contact information for institutions that need volunteers.
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