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E-STAT is an educational resource designed by Statistics Canada and made available to Canadian educational institutions. Using 450,000 current CANSIM (Canadian Socio-economic Information Management System) Time Series and the most recent — as well as historical — census data, E-STAT lets you bring data to life in colourful graphs and maps. You can access data such as population, income, language, ethnic groups, federal debt, imports and exports, and more. Easy-to-use, thorough and dynamic, E-STAT is a stimulating teaching and learning resource that spurs students on to discover Canada, past and present.

E-STAT is made available from this website by special agreement between McGraw-Hill Ryerson and Statistics Canada. To validate you as a user of Mathematics: Applying the Concepts, a password will be required at the E-STAT website. Refer to page 234 in your textbook and use the first word appearing in the main text column as both username and password (case-sensitive).

On the welcome page, read the licence agreement and click "Accept". You'll then be prompted for your password.

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