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Key Concepts Worked Examples
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Chapter 1: Applying Number Sense

Working With Area and Other Formulas
Evaluating Formulas Worked Example (22.0K)

Chapter 2: Perimeter and Area Relationships

Chapter 3: Surface Area and Volume Relationships

Chapter 4: Analysing Relationships With Data

4.5 Data Analysis: Trends and Relationships
Scatter Plots and Trends Worked Example (23.0K)

Chapter 5: Exploring Integers and Rational Numbers

Chapter 6: Linear and Non-Linear Relations

6.6 Characteristics of Linear and Non-Linear Relations
Characteristics of Linear and Non-linear Relations Worked Example (28.0K)

Chapter 7: Analysing Linear Relations

7.6 Constructing Linear Models: The Line of Best Fit
Equation of a Line of Best Fit Worked Example (34.0K)

Chapter 8: Applying Exponents

Chapter 9: Exploring Polynomials

9.4 Expanding and Simplifying Polynomial Expressions
Simplifying Polynomial Expressions Worked Example (27.0K)

Chapter 10: Modelling With Equations

10.4 Modelling With Algebra
Algebraic Modelling Worked Example (22.0K)

10.5 Equation of a Line, Given the Slope and a Point
Equation of a Line Given the Slope and a Point Worked Example (23.0K)

10.6 Equation of a Line, Given Two Points
Equation of a Line Given Two Points Worked Example (24.0K)

Chapter 11: Exploring Geometric Relationships

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