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College Writing Skills, Media Edition, 5/e
John Langan, Atlantic Community College


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Writing
Chapter 2: The Writing Process
Chapter 3: The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing
Chapter 4: The Third Step in Essay Writing
Chapter 5: The Fourth Step in Essay Writing
Chapter 6: Four Bases For Revising Essays
Chapter 7: Introduction to Essay Development
Chapter 8: Description
Chapter 9: Narration
Chapter 10: Examples
Chapter 11: Process
Chapter 12: Cause and Effect
Chapter 13: Comparison and Contrast
Chapter 14: Definition
Chapter 15: Division and Classification
Chapter 16: Argumentation
Chapter 17: Taking Essay Exams
Chapter 18: Writing a Summary
Chapter 19: Writing a Report
Chapter 20: Writing a Resume and Job Application Letter
Chapter 21: Using the Library and the Internet
Chapter 22: Writing a Research Paper
Chapter 23: Subjects and Verbs
Chapter 24: Fragments
Chapter 25: Run-Ons
Chapter 26: Regular and Irregular Verbs
Chapter 27: Subject-Verb Agreement
Chapter 28: Additional Information about Verbs
Chapter 29: Pronoun Agreement and Reference
Chapter 30: Pronoun Types
Chapter 31: Adjectives and Adverbs
Chapter 32: Misplaced Modifiers
Chapter 33: Dangling Modifiers
Chapter 34: Manuscript Form
Chapter 35: Capital Letters
Chapter 36: Numbers and Abbreviation
Chapter 37: Apostrophe
Chapter 38: Quotation Marks
Chapter 39: Comma
Chapter 40: Other Punctuation Marks
Chapter 41: Spelling Improvement
Chapter 42: Commonly Confused Words
Chapter 43: Effective Word Choice
Chapter 44: Editing Tests
Chapter 45: ESL Pointers