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Author: Dr. George B. Johnson, Washington University

ISBN: 0072347201
Copyright year: 2003

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Author George B. Johnson developed The Living World by listening - and by implementing strategies to foster better teaching and learning. Like a one-on-one conversation that instructors might have with their students, the discussion in The Living World is sprinkled with colorful stories that will engage readers and vividly convey the concepts and ideas presented. Dr. Johnson has created a text that will be very easy to learn from - a book that focuses on concepts rather than information. More than most subjects students encounter, biology is a set of ideas, and if students can master these basic ideas, the rest comes easy. To make the ideas of biology more accessible to students, Dr. Johnson trimmed away a lot of detail traditionally taught in freshman biology courses, presenting the concepts of biology - as a narrative. He uses analogies frequently, as analogies provide students a way to visualize new concepts, to make them concrete and approachable. A student using The Living World might be exposed to less information than provided by other texts but will walk away knowing more biology.

Johnson The Living World, 3e

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