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Animations and Movies
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Click on the links below to view animations of geologic processes described in your textbook.

NOTE: Your Internet browser will need to have the Macromedia Flash Player installed for the animations to work. You can download the free Flash Player here.

Fig. 19.2 - Breakup of Pangea (35.0K)

Fig. 19.16 - Origin of Magnetic Anomalies (46.0K)

Fig. 19.21 - Evolution of a Divergent Plate Boundary (88.0K)

Fig. 19.28 - Ocean-Ocean Convergent Boundary (76.0K)

Fig. 19.32 - Ocean-Continent Convergent Boundary (349.0K)

Fig. 19.33 - Continent-Continent Collision (27.0K)

Fig. 19.37 - Model of Mantle Convection (32.0K)

Fig. 19.43 - Continental Breakup by Mantle Plumes (28.0K)

Fig. 19.46 - Hot Spots and Aseismic Ridges (154.0K)

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