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Chemistry for Environmental Engineering and Science, 5/e
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Chemistry for Environmental Engineering and Science, 5/e

Clair N. Sawyer, Late Prof., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Perry L. McCarty, Stanford University
Gene F. Parkin, University of Iowa


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Chapter 1: Introduction Fundamentals of Chemistry for Environmental Engineering and Science
Chapter 2: Basic Concepts from General Chemistry
Chapter 3: Basic Concepts from Physical Chemistry
Chapter 4: Basic Concepts from Equilibrium Chemistry
Chapter 5: Basic Concepts from Organic Chemistry
Chapter 6: Basic Concepts from Biochemistry
Chapter 7: Basic Concepts from Colloid Chemistry
Chapter 8: Basic Concepts from Nuclear Chemistry
Chapter 9: Introduction Water and Wastewater Analysis
Chapter 10: Statistical Analysis of Analytical Data
Chapter 11: Basic Concepts from Quantitative Chemistry
Chapter 12: Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Chapter 13: Turbidity
Chapter 14: Color
Chapter 15: Standard Solutions
Chapter 16: pH
Chapter 17: Acidity
Chapter 18: Alkalinity
Chapter 19: Hardness
Chapter 20: Residual Chlorine and Chlorine Demand
Chapter 21: Chloride
Chapter 22: Dissolved Oxygen
Chapter 23: Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Chapter 24: Chemical Oxygen Demand
Chapter 25: Nitrogen
Chapter 26: Solids
Chapter 27: Iron and Manganese
Chapter 28: Fluoride
Chapter 29: Sulfate
Chapter 30: Phosphorus and Phosphate
Chapter 31: Oil and Grease
Chapter 32: Volatile Acids
Chapter 33: Gas Analysis
Chapter 34: Trace Contaminants
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