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International Politics on the World Stage, Brief 4/e
World Politics: International Politics on the World Stage, Brief, 4/e
John T. Rourke, University of Connecticut - Storrs
Mark A. Boyer, University of Connecticut - Storrs

The Evolution of World Politics

The Group of 77

Visit the following Web sites for some insights into the Group of 77:

The Group of 77 emerged in the 1960s and 1970s as a force for the promotion of issues related to the developing world. But what is it doing today? Take a look at the Web sites above to review the current issues and initiatives facing the Group of 77. It is worth noting that although LDC issues are not often in the news in the EDCs, the problems they face are many of the same ones--trade dependence, economic vulnerability, insufficient development funding, for instance--that helped bring the group to prominence in the UN General Assembly several decades ago. You might want to pay special attention to the NewsCentre and General Information sections of the Web site as they describe some of the most current proposals the group has put forward in the UN General Assembly.

Examine some of the current issues the Group of 77 is dealing with and express your opinion about the following ideas in the space provided.


In what ways does the Group of 77 favor least developed countries?


What specific problems in dealing with economic development were discussed at the Conference of the Intergovernmental Follow-up and Coordination Committee X in Tehran, Iran in August of 2001? Do you think these issues will be resolved soon? In your opinion, what problems stand in the way of South-South cooperation?