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International Politics on the World Stage, Brief 4/e
World Politics: International Politics on the World Stage, Brief, 4/e
John T. Rourke, University of Connecticut - Storrs
Mark A. Boyer, University of Connecticut - Storrs

The Evolution of World Politics

Web Links


Here you'll find materials related to the study of national identity, such as essays, articles, book reviews, and bibliographies. The site also features quotations from key works in the field and links to other nationalism Web sites.

Fate of Africa

This student-compiled site focuses on European countries' attempts to gain influence in Africa during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Factual information on figures such as Benjamin Disraeli and events such as The Boer War is intermingled with the students' opinions on this era.


Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century lists twenty key developments, from agricultural mechanization and the automobile to computers and fiber optics. Each achievement links to a summary explaining its history and impact on modern life.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

A comprehensive group of readings on current events involving NATO countries as well as information about NATO's policies, partnerships, and activities.

Group of 77

This site includes detailed information on a coalition of Third World countries within the United Nations concerned with economic issues in developing nations.

UN Peacekeeping

This site explains the role of United Nations-based military and civilian personnel serving as peacekeepers. Issues covered include costs, training, deployment, and logistics.

World Bank

This detailed look at the World Bank's history, policy, and activities emphasizes its campaign against poverty and economic development efforts.

International Monetary Fund

The official International Monetary Fund site details the organization's key functions, which include monitoring and helping stabilize currency exchange rates, encouraging expansion of world trade, and lending money to countries experiencing debt problems.

World Trade Organization

This site explains the World Trade Organization's role in establishing and implementing rules governing trade between nations. Trade-related news and basic WTO information appears along with a number of links to relevant publications and resources.

International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court site summarizes the coalition's attempts to establish a court to try those accused of genocide, war crimes, and other "crimes against humanity." This site also maintains a list of countries who have ratified the statute establishing the ICC and provides links to relevant documents and sites.

International Conferences

This page contains information on the 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. Also featured are an explanation of how women's issues fit into the UN committee structure and links to nongovernmental organizations pursuing related agendas.

Protect the Environment

The Greenpeace site details the history and mission of the environmental activist group and covers news relevant to the group's efforts. This page provides information on joining Greenpeace and a look at threats to the oceans, forests, and other elements of the environment.