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Telecommunications, 8/e
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Telecommunications: Radio, Television and Movies in the Digital Age, 8/e

Lynne Gross, California State University-Fullerton
Gross: Telecommunications Book Cover


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Chapter 1: Radio
Chapter 2: Broadcast Television
Chapter 3: Cable Television
Chapter 4: Movies
Chapter 5: DBS, Tapes, Discs, and the Internet
Chapter 6: Organizational and Personal Telecommunications
Chapter 7: International Electronic Media
Chapter 8: Business Practices
Chapter 9: Programs
Chapter 10: Laws and Regulations
Chapter 11: Ethics and Effects
Chapter 12: Advertising
Chapter 13: Audience Feedback
Chapter 14: Production, Distribution, and Exhibition
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This concise, student friendly text teaches the essentials of telecommunications. It is directed to all students as consumers of media, as well as to students who plan to be media producers.