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Due to the size of some of these animations it may take a minute or so to download.

Formation of Sedimentary Rock (393.0K)

The Rock Cycle (30.0K)

P-Wave Shadow Zone (2111.0K)

S-Wave Shadow Zone (4202.0K)

Seismic Waves and the Earths Interior (3505.0K)

Focus of an Earthquake (17.0K)

Styles of Folding (65.0K)

Types of Faults (182.0K)

Normal Faults (135.0K)

Reverse Faults (77.0K)

Ground Water (134.0K)

Artesian Aquifer (2769.0K)

Elastic Rebound Theory or the Cause of Earthquakes (1908.0K)

Earthquakes 1 (1289.0K)

Earthquakes 2 (4433.0K)

Faults and Motion (892.0K)

Volcanoes and Plutons 1 (1981.0K)

Volcanoes and Plutons 2 (2165.0K)

Volcanoes and Plutons 3 (3260.0K)

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