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Animation Quiz 3 - Conjugation: Transfer of the F Plasmid
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Review the animation and answer the questions that follow to test your understanding.

The F plasmid
A)is made of single-stranded DNA
B)is present in F- cells
C)codes for resistance to antibiotics
D)codes for making the F pilus
The F pilus
A)is a protein appendage on the F+ donor that attaches to specific receptors on the cell wall of the recipient
B)is made of nucleotides
C)is transferred to the recipient cell
D)is a part of the recipient cell that specifically attaches to the donor cell
When an F+ donor gives an F plasmid to an F- recipient
A)both become F-
B)both become F+
C)the donor becomes F-
D)the recipient becomes F-
E)it is not possible to predict the outcome
Contact is required between an F+ and an F- cell for conjugation to occur.
When F+ cells are mixed with F- cells, eventually all the cells will become F+.

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