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Animation Quiz 4 - Conjugation: Transfer of Chromosomal DNA
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Review the animation and answer the questions that follow to test your understanding.

HFr refers to
A)a cell with an F plasmid
B)a cell that has combined with the other cells by sexual reproduction
C)a cell in which the F plasmid has been integrated into the cell chromosome
D)a cell that has given away its F plasmid
In conjugation of an HFr cell with an F- cell
A)the recipient stays F-
B)the recipient becomes F+
C)the recipient becomes HFr
D)the donor becomes F-
In conjugation, the donor chromosome is transferred as
A)double-stranded DNA
B)single-stranded DNA
C)single-stranded RNA
D)a whole F plasmid
E)double-stranded RNA
The donor cell DNA is integrated into the recipient cell’s DNA by homologous recombination.
In conjugation of an HFr cell and an F- cell, the entire genome of the HFr cell is usually transferred to the recipient cell.

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