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1. It has become very evident that some bacteria have evolved to have the capacity to "turn on" specific genes during times of growth inside a host. These genes have been referred to as pathogenicity islands. Use the medical database MedLine
to identify the pathogenicity islands of three Gram-negative rods. What do they have in common? Are they exchanged between species? Defend your answer.

2. This chapter emphasizes only bacterial toxins and pathogenesis. Many other organisms, including plants, produce a variety of toxins. Type the word toxin into your search engine and read about at least twenty different toxins from organisms other than bacteria - be sure to include inanimate sources.

3. Dr. Kent Getfunding's web site at the Univeristy of Rochester Medical College has an excellent home paged called "Bacterial Toxins". You can use this site to examine the history of toxin discovery, toxin function, look at specific bacterial toxins and test your understanding of the subject.

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