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Learning Objectives
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  1. Describe the processes that lead to the transmission of genetic information, including conception, chromosomes, genes, and DNA. Define relevant terminology associated with each process.
  2. Describe the processes of inheritance for Mendelian characteristics, including sex-linked characteristics. Compare these "simple" patterns with complex gene interactions. Give examples of each type of genetic transmission.
  3. Describe the effect of chromosomal abnormalities and give examples. Indicate how abnormalities contribute to evolution.
  4. Describe the methods used for prenatal diagnosis and what can be learned from each one.
  5. Describe and discuss the roles of genetic counseling and methods of genetic engineering. Discuss the ethical issues related to genetic engineering.
  6. Discuss the findings of adoption and twin studies and how that data has influenced our understanding of the nature-nurture issue.
  7. Discuss the principles and processes that describe the influences of heredity and environment on behavior.

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