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Hothersall Book Cover
History of Psychology, 4/e
David Hothersall, Ohio State University

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Chapter 1: Psychology and the Ancients
Chapter 2: Philosophical and Scientific Antecedents of Psychology
Chapter 3: Early Studies of the Central Nervous System
Chapter 4: Wilhelm Wundt and the Founding of Psychology
Chapter 5: Edward Titchener and Hugo Maunsterberg
Chapter 6: German Psychologists of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Chapter 7: Gestalt Psychology in Germany and the United States
Chapter 8: The History of Clinical Psychology and the Development of Psychoanalysis
Chapter 9: Darwin, Galton, Cattell, James, and Hall
Chapter 10: Functionalism at the University of Chicago and Columbia University
Chapter 11: Historical Uses and Abuses of Intelligence Testing
Chapter 12: The Research of Ivan Pavlov and the Behaviorism of John B. Watson
Chapter 13: Four Neobehaviorist Psychologists