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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Choose the best possible response for each of the following questions. Once you have finished, you may opt to send the results to your professor by clicking on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

What does film noir mean?
A)Dark film
B)Foreign film
C)Night film
D)Old film
What was the source of most noirs?
A)American pulp fiction
B)French pulp fiction
C)Early American silent films
D)Early French crime dramas
E)None of the above
Which film is usually credited as being the first noir?
A)Double Indemnity
B)The Big Sleep
C)The Maltese Falcon
D)Murder My Sweet
E)Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Which of the following is/are characteristic of film noir?
A)Low-key lighting
B)High contrast photography
C)Deep focus cinematography
D)All of the above
Which of the following is/are common themes in film noir?
A)The meaninglessness of life
B)Futility of individual action
C)Arbitrariness of social justice
D)All of the above
E)None of the above
What do L.A. Confidential and Fatal Attraction have in common?
A)Both are film noirs
B)Both are pseudo noirs
C)Neither has any noir characteristics
Aside from the look, how were noirs different from earlier American films?
A)They were black and white, while other genres were in color
B)They abandoned narrative linearity
C)They were the first genre to showcase strong women
D)All of the above
E)None of the above
What do nudity, homosexuality and profanity all have in common?
A)All were prominent in noir.
B)All were prohibited in noir.
C)All were prohibited in other films of the '30s and '40s, but occasionally used in noir.
How did the psychological darkness of noir coincide with post-war America?
A)It counterbalanced the optimism of a country that won the war to end all wars.
B)It reflected the cynicism of the innocence lost at war.
What do noirs share with screwball comedies?
A)Dark cinematography
B)Sharp, witty dialogue
C)Unhappy endings
D)Non-linear narratives
E)They share nothing
How are women in the workplace reflected in film noir?
A)The women are often career women
B)The women are usually focused on family
C)The women pose a threat to traditional values
D)The women divorce their husbands and support themselves
What is the intent of the femme fatale?
A)To win the male hero
B)To destroy the male hero
C)To be seen as an equal to the male hero
D)To avenge the wrongdoing of the male hero
Film noir borrows from German Expressionism by seeking to express internal psychological states externally through set design, lighting and camera angle.
Although it is not a noir, many noirs emulate the visual style of Citizen Kane.
The destabilization of sexual relationships in film noir was atypical of the experiences of the viewing audience.

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