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Film Noir on Filmsite
Film Noir page from
( )
Film Noir on Moderntimes
Film Noir page from, with images.
( )
Ten Shades of Noir
"Ten Shades Of Noir" — appreciations of ten films noir, with images.
( )
Barbara Stanwyck
The tribute to one of the underappreciated actresses of the golden age of Hollywood, Barbara Stanwyck.
( )
Hays Production Code
The text of the 1930 Hays Production Code.
( )
Raymond Chandler
The Raymond Chandler website, collecting information and scholarship on Chandler's life and works.
( )
Dashiell Hammett
Information on the life and works of Dashiell Hammett.
( )
A Femmes Fatales Tribute
Michael Mills' tribute to the femmes fatales of film noir.
( )
The Femmes Fatales Costume
An essay on the costuming of femmes fatales in film noir.
( )
Gary Kamiya's now-classic appreciation of Pottersville, at
( )

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