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Thinking Scientifically
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1. There are three types of the inherited disorder epidermolysis bullosa. One type affects keratin in the epidermis; one affects collagen in the dermis; and the third affects laminin. Which form do you think is most severe, and why?

2. What materials – living or synthetic – might you use to create a tissue engineered version of:

     a. blood

     b. cartilage

     c. bone


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Additional Questions

1. What do all connective tissues have in common, and how do they differ?

2. Dense connective tissue, cartilage, and bone all contain collagen. How, then do these tissues differ?

3. Why do several organ systems maximize surface area?

4. List three ways that organ systems interact.

5. Collagen injections can temporarily fill out facial skin, diminishing wrinkles. Into which skin layer should collagen be injected? Why is the treatment permanent?

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