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Entryways into College Reading and Learning

Janet Elder, Richland College

ISBN: 0073123587
Copyright year: 2008

Feature Summary

  • Research-based “brain-friendly,” student-friendly strategies: These draw on the natural way the brain prefers to learn, address a multiplicity of learning styles and intelligences, and make learning more engaging.

  • Carefully structured, inductive approach: Whenever possible, students figure out the “rules” for themselves because this parallels “real life” learning, promotes deeper understanding, and results in better recall.

  • Visual Summaries: These consist of 8 full-color pages that combine graphics and text to recap key concepts.

  • User-friendly format: Each chapter contains features such as Jumpstart Your Brain, The Big Picture, Looking at What You Already know, Brain-Friendly Tips boxes, Bonus Tips boxes, and Cross-Chapter Connections boxes, frequent Stop and Process exercises, My Toolbox (key concepts), a wealth of pictures and other graphics, and a comfortable print size.

  • 18 reading selections: Accompanied by vocabulary and comprehension exercises, writing prompts, and Web resources, these help students gain skill in reading and build background knowledge.

Entryways into College Reading and Learning book cover

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