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Entryways into College Reading and Learning

Janet Elder, Richland College

ISBN: 0073123587
Copyright year: 2008


Online Reading Lab Featuring Catalyst 2.0: An extensive Online Reading Lab has been created in support of Entryways. On this website, you can find additional exercises for every chapter, supplemental readings, full-length e-chapters on summaries and on outlines and study maps, plus all the resources of Catalyst 2.0, the premiere online tool for writing, research, and editing.

Passport to College Reading: This powerful new online resource offers robust and engaging exercises and support to reinforce key reading skills. Features include a comprehensive diagnostic test, concept summaries, abundant activities, quizzes, hundreds of practice readings, an easy-to-use online gradebook—and more!

For more information about Passport to College Reading, instructors should contact their local McGraw-Hill sales representative at 1(800) 338-3981 or via email
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